Brick wall
Pinto the cat

Dreamhost does it again

They never cease to surprise me. What's worse is that they never seem sincere in their apologies, and they never know when to draw the line between humor and professionalism.

Ack. Through a COMPLETE bumbling on our part, we've accidentally attempted to charge you for the ENTIRE year of 2008 (and probably 2009!) ALREADY (it was all due to a fat finger)!

We're really really realllly embarassed about this, but you have nothing to worry about. Please ignore any confusing billing messages you may have received recently; we've already removed all those bum future charges on your account (#366289) and fixed everything up.

Thank you very very much for your patience with this.. we PROMISE this won't happen again. There's no need to reply to this message unless of course you have any other questions at all!

Sincerely, The Foolish DreamHost Billing Team!


Here to there

Google knows how to get you from here to there and also from anywhere to somewhere and even from start to finish. Who knew, it can also get you from up to down.