Land Rover Parade


I’ve been a fan of Land Rovers ever since my dad bought a Land Rover Defender 110 when I was in high school and restored it. Even though the old Defenders can be loud, bulky and hard to drive, they have a charm which is very hard to come by in any other vehicle.


land-rover-parade-00004 land-rover-parade-00005 land-rover-parade-00006 land-rover-parade-00007 land-rover-parade-00008 land-rover-parade-00009 land-rover-parade-00010 land-rover-parade-00011 land-rover-parade-00012 land-rover-parade-00013 land-rover-parade-00014 land-rover-parade-00001 land-rover-parade-00002 land-rover-parade-00003

I had a blast seeing some of these classic 4x4s and am already looking forward to seeing them next year.