Bali, Indonesia

If you’ve never been to Bali, this image is what probably comes to most peoples minds. Long, beautiful beaches that extend for miles and gorgeous sunsets. This is exactly what I had in mind before I flew down to Bali as well. You’ll soon see that Bali had a lot more to offer One of […]

Bab Al Shams

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa is located 40 minutes from the city center of Dubai and is surrounded by sand dunes and not a lot much else. What makes this place unique is the architecture is styled after traditional Arabic forts. There are plenty of fountains, rich greenery and much more in a […]

Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates park zoo is located in Al Bahia, which is about a 45 minutes away from Dubai towards Abu Dhabi. This zoo has a lot of activities including the elephant encounter, where you can get up close, and feed the two Indian Elephants. You’ll also have an opportunity to feed the giraffes, see some really […]

Hong Kong and Macau

Streets and Alleys of Hong Kong If you like shooting street photography, then Hong Kong is heaven. The streets are filled with the perfect combination of tall buildings, small houses and shops that sell almost everything. On one side you’ll find businessmen leaving a 40-storey building after a business meeting, while on the other side […]