Week 7

This week, the fun was at Al Serkal Avenue where we spent some time at Mirzam Chocolate, savoring some of their rich, dark chocolates. We also managed to catch a photography exhibition by Susann Johnston showcasing the Dhows of Dubai. Walking around Al Serkal is always fun, as you never know what classic car you’ll find outside Nostalgia […]

Week 6

Car meets in Dubai are turning out to be regular events in Dubai, and the Rendezvous II event organised by Flat.12 and Bikers Café was one of the better ones. It’s usually a good mixture of cars from Exotic Ferraris and Porsches to restored Chevy trucks from the 70s. These events also provide people with an opportunity to meet […]

Week 5

This week, we spent some time in Sharjah, an Emirate we honestly don’t spend enough time in. We were particularly interested in spending time on Al Noor Island on the Buhairah Corniche Road and also walk by the Al Noor Mosque nearby. The beautiful weather made the walk fairly pleasant. The island itself was filled with different […]