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Deira Fish and Fruit Market

The Deira fish market is a very popular destination not only for the variety of fruits, vegetables and fish you can pickup, but it also becoming a very popular photography site in Dubai. The fish market opens at about 5 am and shortly afterwards the chaos begins.

In March 2013, I decided to visit the fish market to solely take photographs. I’d been to the fish market before and was mesmerised by the bustling atmosphere and the vibrant colorful fish. I knew I had to capture the images on film.

The fish market is part of old Dubai, an area not often depicted as a representation of the city. It offered sharp contrast to the towers and skyscrapers that are a permanent feature in the emirate’s landscape. I felt excited, like I could really experiment with the photos because of the massive contrast in colors and because I had no idea how the photos would turn to to be, so I had no expectations to fulfill.

The fishermen are immigrant workers mainly from India and Pakistan. They were friendly and polite people who didn’t seem to mind me taking pictures, which made me feel comfortable and at ease. Capturing the vibrant market remains to this day one of my favorite photography experiences.

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